Yoga Poses for Shoulders

The shoulder is no doubt is an important part of your body. Often neck pains start from the shoulders. In this modern world, you may have to sit in front of a computer for long hours. Your shoulders and neck stay fixed for a long time. This can result in shoulder pain.

Apart from that, shoulder muscles are connected to your arms and neck. Hence, these muscles develop tension. The continuous activity can make your shoulder muscles tight.

Only good shoulder exercises can improve your shoulder’s condition. Yoga is a great exercise. It’s has been practiced by ancient people. Yoga has some great poses to reduce your shoulder problems. So, try this natural way to make your shoulders strong.


5 (Five) Yoga Poses For Shoulders


1) Plow Pose

To do this yoga pose, you have to lie down. Then, you have to lift your legs and you should try to take them behind your head (to touch the ground). Your hands will be on the ground.

This pose can relax your shoulders and spine. It’s also good for your abdomen muscles.


2) Seated Cow Pose

At first, sit on the ground and fold your legs. Then, take your hands backward and lock the fingers. As a result, your chest comes out and your shoulder’s muscle is stretched. This pose is good for your chest and shoulder joints.


3) Cat Stretch

In this pose, you have to keep your hands and knees on the ground. You have to keep your face downwards. Now, lift your back upwards.

This pose stretches your arms, neck, and shoulders. You can practice this pose to strengthen your muscles.


4) Reverse Prayer

To begin this pose you have to sit with your legs folded. Then, you have to take your hands towards your back. Then, join the palms and do a ‘namaste’ pose.

This pose can stretch your shoulder muscles and it can improve your shoulder problems.


5) Cobra Pose

In this pose, you have to lie down (keep your face downwards). Now, you have to press your arms against the ground and you have to lift your face. Your knees and belly should be very close to the ground.

It’s an easy pose and it can strengthen your hands and shoulders.


Some tips :

1) You should breathe normally during these poses.

2) You shouldn’t practice these poses if you are injured.

3) You should practice these poses at least twice a day.

If you don’t know the right way to do then look for Yoga poses for shoulders at Yoga Vastu, then you shouldn’t try. You should go to a Yoga instructor to practice them perfectly.