Are Adidas Slides Still Trending? Slide Fashion Tips

The “free the toe” movement seemingly exists to break the rules of fashion, and Adidas slides Australia have been at the forefront of this. One of the cardinal rules of fashion – never pairing socks with sandals – seem to be giving way, thanks to the likes of Kanye breaking the norm with socks and slides. So are Adidas slides still trending? Very much so, and this trend only appears to be progressing, not stopping. But even at its peak moment, there are still some things that take it too far. Check out these 3 reasonable ways to pair Adidas slides without looking homeless.


Keep it Simple

Adilettes, with their white and black stripes, are the most famous of Adidas slides. If you’re wearing them with any outfit, try and keep things as simple as possible. Remember the fashion industry already considers them faux pas, the last thing you want to do is give them ammunition. At the very least, ensure whatever slides you’re wearing goes with your outfit, in terms of color and occasion. No one will come to your defense if you pair multicolored horizontal striped blazers with Adilettes.


Make your outfit look intentional

The easiest way to look sloppy is to be unintentional about your outfit – that’s probably how slides got a bad rep at their onset. Slides are all about comfort. When dressing, pair them with casual outfits like distress jeans or joggers. If you can color coordinate, even better. Just don’t give the fashion industry a reason to take slides away from us.


Fuzzy Socks with slides

If you’re going to join in on the socks on slides craze, then do it right. We’re talking about ridiculously cozy looking socks that resemble feet sweaters. Plain old drug store socks may look alright with sneakers, but they’re don’t with slides – you’d just look homeless. You need some fuzziness to give your slides the right look. Fall season shouldn’t force you to give up the comfort of your slides. Aim to look like you feel – hot.